A.H.C – Capture Turnover 28 Collagen Ampoule Set

Collagen ampoule containing collagen and grain fermentation ingredients to supplement skin nutrition, intensive care, firming and anti-wrinkle. The reduction of skin collagen secretion makes the delicate skin become loose and dry, and wrinkles and gloss loss appear. Therefore, to maintain the youthful vitality of the skin, it is necessary to increase the content of skin collagen. Soothes the sagging skin metabolism cycle, solves a variety of skin troubles (one bottle a day, divided into morning and evening use)

Cutin Softening Essence Bar: Contains AHA, BHA, and PHA ingredients, which can gently exfoliate the skin. Make the rough skin surface smooth and soften the skin texture, and realize SPA care with simple home care.

Ampoule essence, one bottle a day, use morning and evening
Cuticle softening essence stick, one-time use product, use once a week


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A.H.C – Capture Turnover 28 Collagen Ampoule Set


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