A.H.C – Capture Turnover 28 Hyaluronic Ampoule Set

Containing hyaluronic acid and grain fermentation ingredients, hyaluronic acid moisturizing liquid is a kind of hyaluronic acid, has a strong moisturizing factor, enhances the skin’s hydrating function, quickly penetrates into the bottom of the skin, deeply hydrates, locks moisture to promote the skin’s nutrient absorption, and smooths dry fine lines. Improve relaxation, leaving skin moisturized and elastic at all times.

Cutin softening essence bar: Contains AHA, BHA, PHA ingredients, can gently exfoliate. Make the rough skin surface smooth and soften the skin texture, and realize SPA care with simple home care.

Ampoule essence, one bottle a day, use morning and evening
Cuticle softening essence stick, one-time use product, use once a week


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A.H.C – Capture Turnover 28 Hyaluronic Ampoule Set


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