BIORE UV Kids Suncream SPF50+ 90g

SPF50 + sunscreen for young children’s tender skin.

A powerful anti-sweat, waterproof and anti-friction ‘elastic tender veil’ formula protects the skin against long-term strong UV radiation waterproof type.

Blocks UV rays from penetrating the skin.

Same weak acidity as the skin.

Contains Vaseline (moisturizing ingredient) formula. Keep skin moisturized and create Q-ball healthy skin.

A creamy type that spreads instantly and can be applied quickly. Can easily dissolve into the skin without turning white.

When removing it, wash it off with a cleanser and body wash.

SPF50 + / PA ++++
Fragrance-free, colorless, alcohol-free
Pass skin allergy test
Manufacture Country: Japan


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BIORE UV Kids Suncream SPF50+ 90g

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