COCOCHI AG Golden Ultimate Mask 5 Pcs

Japan’s first cocochi facial essence mask with stem cell-derived component care cream.

One box contains 5 sheets.
It has outstanding penetrability and contains luxurious beauty ingredients.
With stem cell-derived ingredient care cream.
Intensive care with care cream around the eyes and mouth.
By injecting high-concentration beauty ingredients into the skin to concentrate and replenish moisture, the barrier effect of the skin is enhanced, delayed turnover is promoted, and waste products and pore dirt are removed.
Prevents damage from UV rays, and provides firm, transparent skin.
Recommended for people with sensitive skin.

2-Steps design, first use the concentrated cream on delicated area to tackle with wrinkles and finelines, then apply the essence mask sheet. It enables all the essence could be locked up into the skin cells.


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COCOCHI AG Golden Ultimate Mask 5 Pcs


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