gik – Collagen Repair Moist Mask PRP 14pcs

Increases elasticity and restores damaged cells to skin
Aging skin has formed a new super repair
Prevent aging
Skin whitening
Very effective in improving flexibility, etc.

None of the following:
Alcohol Mineral Oil Artificial Color Benzophenone Emulsifier Preservatives Perfume Softener Sulfate Methyl Paraben

Made in Korea and exported to Japan
Japan Rakuten popular sales NO.1 Xiaohongshu new rammed products
A must-have artifact for night cats
Every morning and evening 5 minutes to let the skin drink water, burst water

1 Mask paper is very soft and very docile.
2 The point is that the essence is really super. After taking out the mask, the essence can fill the entire palm. The excess essence can be used to apply to the neck, arms and other places.
3 It is extremely popular in Japan. It not only prevents skin aging, whitens skin, but also improves wrinkles. It also has good skin elasticity after use.
4 Hyaluronic acid can supplement the skin’s rich nutrition and moisture, prevent wrinkles and spots.
5 PRP serum collagen activation group recognizes regenerated cells, increases skin elasticity, restores damaged cells, and repairs aging skin.
6 Hyaluronic acid enriches the skin and replenishes the skin’s moisture; removes spots, acne marks, and lightens acne spots

product instructions:
Apply 1 tablet each morning and night, every 5 to 15 minutes
Remember to wash your face with lukewarm water after applying
One pack is for a week

As a reminder, there are 14 masks containing fruit beauty liquid. The essence gives sufficient moisture on the skin, and the excess essence can be wrapped around the neck at the same time, while caring for the face and neck
Manufacture Country: Korea


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gik – Collagen Repair Moist Mask PRP 14pcs