Obagi Derma Power X Inner Life Drink (10 pieces)

Obagi Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink (20ml X 10PCS)

Combining helpful supplements, such as soybean peptide, hyaluronic acid and collagen peptide, in one bottle! Nourishing skin from the root, leaving skin youthful and healthy!

Product Features:
● Gentle formula: free from preservatives, caffeine and sugar, one bottle of drink is just 8 calories and causes minimum burden to body but give prominent effects.
● Deeply hydrating: containing small sizes of the hyaluronic acids, they can be easily absorbed in the digestive system and promote hydration inside body.
● Anti-ageing: collagen peptide and soybean peptide are helpful in promoting metabolism and detoxification, hence skin appears to be brighter and healthier.


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Obagi Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink (10pieces)


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