POLA B.A Light Selector Special Box N

This set includes:

  • POLA B.A Light Selector 45g
    A 2-in-1 day cream and sunscreen for the face and décolleté that aims to improve elasticity and firm skin. While other sunscreens work by blocking or absorbing UV rays, POLA’s B.A Light Selector allows skin-friendly “red light” to penetrate while still protecting against UV and near-infrared rays. This “red light” treats ageing in subcutaneous skin tissue, enhances moisture retention, and increases energy production in dermis cells to create firm and supple skin

  • POLA B.A Lotion 8ml
    A facial lotion formulated with epi-volume liquid tp deliver moisture to every part of the skin. The melty textured lotion is absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, moist and firm. Contains rich, nano moisturising molecules which penetrate and absorb rapidly into skin to nourish and improve skin texture. Unique “Moisture Absorption Increment” formula allows the lotion to spread easily on skin and increase absorption.

  • POLA B.A Milk 8ml
    A breathable facial emulsion formulated with epi-volume oils to soften and firm to leave skin plump and full of moisture.

How to use:

Light Selector: Use after your skincare regime. Take a large pearl-sized amount and smooth over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin from the centre outwards. Lastly, spread along your facial contours in a lifting motion. For your décolleté, take a large pearl-sized amount and apply on your neck and upper chest. Smooth downward from your neck. Apply to the back of your neck and ears where easily sunburnt.

Lotion: Use after facial wash. Take an appropriate amount and smooth over entire face.

Milk: Use after lotion or essence. Take an appropriate amount and smooth over entire face.



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POLA B.A Light Selector Special Box N