POLA B.A Liquid 12*20ml

B.A LIQUID contains an industry-first and POLA’s original compound ingredient “Ch-A Extract.” It provides a quick-acting approach to being instantly ready to become beautiful. B.A LIQUID is a rich tasting drink, with a flavor that draws on the floral and woody world view presented in the B.A series. It is caffeine free. We suggest drinking one bottle daily, and lightly shaking the bottle before drinking it.

Supporting Vibrant Beauty From the Inside

Contains the B.A Series YAC Extract.
Also contains a quartet of herbs that will help you to achieve beauty from the inside.
Ch-A Extract contains walnut polyphenols that are only found in the astringent skin of walnuts (the section between the shell and nut), and extracts from the fruit and seeds attached to the stems of the Japanese raisin tree (hovenia), which belongs to the buckthorn family of deciduous tall trees.


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POLA B.A Liquid 12*20ml