POLA Form Non-Silicon Conditioner Airy 540ml

For Those Who Prefer A Soft And Natural Finish. Like In A Soft Texture, Such As Milk, Non-Silicon Of Conditioner That Adapt To The Scalp And Hair. Fluffy And Conditioner To Finish The Natural Texture. Made In Japan


A conditioner for soft and full hair, which looks and feels natural.

For women who want their hair to look and feel softer and fuller, with natural body and bounce. This silicon-free conditioner has a soft, milky lotion texture that spreads easily onto your hair and scalp.

Anti-Aging Care for Your Scalp and Hair

A hair care series that takes a skin care approach for beautiful hair, which can even enhance your features.

Form is an anti-aging hair care series for your scalp and hair.
It addresses the various hair concerns of women, and helps them to maintain a healthy scalp.
Use Form products for beautiful hair that is moisturized and sets well, which can even make your features look more beautiful.


Botanical moisturizing ingredients to care for damaged hair. They help to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

• POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient*1 Peony Flower Extract helps maintain a healthy scalp that feels energized. The moisturizing ingredient Grape Seed Extract EX*2 is rich in polyphenols, which help to keep your scalp and hair healthy.


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POLA Form Non-Silicon Conditioner Airy 540ml