POLA Growing Shot BK 170ml

For: Men and Women

Stimulates Hair Growth and reduces Greying Hair

Key Features

  • Promotes thicker, stronger hair growth
  • Helps prevent further hair loss
  • works on reducing greying hair
  • Stimulates the hair growth cycle and extends the growth phase by adding nutruients
  • Activates collagen production in the hair roots. Collagen fibres are strengthened ( INDUSTRY FIRST)
  • Helps to restore hair colour by improving correct melanocyte production which is reponsible for maintaining hair colour (INDUSTRY FIRST) (Contains Black Rice extract)

One bottle lasts approximately 6 weeks using twice daily.  Massage into the scalp morning and night.

For those concerned with thinning hair only we recommend GR Shot S, for those concerned with both thinning and greying hair we recommend GR Shot BK

Use with Form Sparkling Scalp Essence for further improvement of blood circulation of the scalp boosting the effectiveness of new hair growth ingredients.   Increase the penetration of GR Shot by using the silicon-free Form Shampoo.


Made in Japan



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POLA Growing Shot BK 170ml