PURE COLOR LOVE Matte 200-Proven Innocent

Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick

is a light, creamy and silky lipstick that comes in an elegant, stylish and luxurious design.
The soft texture slides easily and effortlessly over the lips, giving a beautiful, consistent and flawless finish every time.
The two pointed corners of the lipstick make it easy to draw the lashes of the lips, so your lipstick will look the way you want it.
In addition, it contains a special formula that softens and moisturizes the lips, making them look fuller and ensures that they do not dry out.
Pamper your lips with this long-lasting and highly pigmented lipstick that leaves your lips with a sensational and dazzling finish.


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PURE COLOR LOVE Matte 200-Proven Innocent


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