SEIROGAN 100 Tablets

Seirogan 100 tablets. Dosage form: Tablets, Dispenser type: Bottle, Minimum age: 5 yr(s). Package type: Box

– The Trumpet trademark Seirogan, which is familiar to the community, is an effective gastrointestinal medication for common gastrointestinal disorders encountered in daily life, such as loose stools, diarrhea, and symptoms of food and water poisoning.
– In addition to JP wood creosote, Seirogan includes natural ingredients like JP powdered Gambir, JP powdered Phellodendron bark, JP powdered Glycyrrhiza, and powdered Citrus unshiu peel. Seirogan is marketed as a soft, slightly moist pill, with a special taste and fragrance.
– Seirogan has been used for medication of families for a long time.


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SEIROGAN 100 Tablets