SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Total R Cream 50g

Use at night after moisturizer or serum. Use the attached spatula to take 2 pearl grains as a guide and place them on 5 places on your face. (Both cheeks, forehead, nose, chin) Start with a wide area such as the cheeks and forehead, and gently apply to every corner of the face from the center of the face to the outside. Repeat 2-3 times. Finally, gently wrap the entire face with the palm of your hand.

For an important night that spins the beauty of the skin. A cream that slowly leads to graceful skin.
It prepares the skin environment in a healthy manner and brings out the beauty that springs up. Care that focuses on the work unique to the night prepares the skin environment and fills the skin with lively beauty. Brings supple elasticity and makes fine wrinkles inconspicuous due to dryness *, for glossy and fine skin.



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SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Total R Cream 50g