SHISEIDO Moilip Medicated Lip Balm Vitamin E 8g

Contains a unique water-locking factor and a long-lasting moisturizing ingredient to moisturize the lips. Formulated with no pigments, it is suitable for any season. The amino acids and vitamins in the lipstick can maintain the softness and elasticity of the lips, prevent the premature appearance of fine lines and completely moisturize the lips.

* Effectively prevent dry lips; light and delicate design and unique moisturizing formula to maintain healthy lips.

* Keeps it moisturized for a long time without stickiness! It is also suitable for sensitive dry lips.

Four effective ingredients:

1. Repair the cleft lip
2. Promote the metabolism of delicate skin
3. Inhibition of lip inflammation, has a certain effect on lipitis
4. Keep your skin and mucous membranes healthy.
5. No fragrance, no coloring


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SHISEIDO Moilip Medicated Lip Balm Vitamin E 8g


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