SHISEIDO’s unique super fruit-derived patented beauty ingredients (kokemo-momo + amla fruit), strawberry seed extract, and onshu mandarin orange extract.

Nurtures the root of beauty and makes your life more resilient.
Also contains low molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, vitamin C, and other beauty support ingredients.

[How To Use]

Drink one bottle per day, chilled and shaken well.


Erythritol, collagen peptide (contains gelatin), reduced maltose syrup, peach juice, amla fruit extract, mandarin orange extract, konjac potato extract, hyaluronic acid, strawberry seed extract/flavoring (from orange), acidulant, V.C., thickened polysaccharide (from soybean), V.B2 Sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), V.C, thickened polysaccharide (from soybeans), V.B2


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[SHISEIDO] The Collagen Drink EXR 4D 50ml x 10 Pack (🇯🇵)