unlimited lasting makeup fix mist

Shu uemura unlimited lasting makeup fix mist is a makeup setting spray that sets makeup and provides hydration for a perfect complexion all day long. its lighter-than-water fixing powders create a thin lasting film to keep your makeup long-lasting without affecting the makeup finish.
this makeup setting spray features newly formulated technology to create a thin, weightless film which can keep the makeup long-lasting but won’t feel heavy and sticky. The moisturizing agents provide moisture and keep the skin from feeling dry. The ultra-fine mist of this makeup setting spray is achieved by the combination of the fine pump and adjusted emulsion technology, to keep your makeup looking fresh, no melting or cracking.
apply this makeup setting spray after makeup to keep it in place all day. You can also use it as a refresher anytime your skin needs a boost.


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Shu uemura unlimited lasting makeup fix mist