SPA treatment Eye Mask Sheet

SPA treatment UMB eye mask.

SPA’s star product, UMB nano black box eye mask, the new UMBx classic snake venom, upgraded to the market.

Triple anti-aging ingredients, lifting and tightening, promote cell regeneration.

The SYN-AKE component is used for facial mask dry lines, expression lines, and striated lines.

Keep skin elastic and moisturize, improve eye bags and dark circles.

Leaves skin clear, hydrated and radiant.

Suitable for all skin types.


Artificially produced venom peptide SYN-AKE derived from Swiss biotechnology, which mimics the activity of snake venom.

Effectively lifting and tightening, diminishing fine lines around the eyes, making the eyes bright.

Retinol (vitamin A) regulates the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, effective anti-aging wrinkle, reduce sebum overflow and make skin elastic.

At the same time, it fades the spots and softens the skin.

Adding thorn fruit extract, ginseng root extract, and so on that improve eye bags, fat granules, and repair eye problems.

Placenta extract + vitamin C relieves eye puffiness, darkening eyesight, revitalizes and brightens skin.

The cord blood essence of Hokkaido thoroughbred horses combines hyaluronic acid and deeply penetrates the muscle base.

Smoothes fine lines and leaves skin hydrated and full.

Specially added Bulgarian Damascus Rose Oil, which exudes an elegant fragrance.


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SPA treatment Eye Mask Sheet


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