TIGER BALM WARM 9 pieces – For back and shoulder blades

  • One of the best stiff neck remedies, the warm pain relief patch is comfortable to wear, provides long lasting relief and developed with Tiger Balm’s distinctive formulation.
  • Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm) is a unique preparation that provides long lasting, soothing relief for stiff necks and muscular aches and pains. It is comfortable and an effective remedy for stiff neck and shoulders, back pains and muscular fatigue.
  • Made from hydrogel technology and non-woven ventilated material, Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm) is comfortable to use with easy application that leaves no residue on skin, making it ideal for everyday use.


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TIGER BALM PLASTER (WARM) 10cm x 14cm – For back and shoulder blades