TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Art Class By Rodin Enlumineur (pink)

An ambition designed by the French sculpture artist – Auguste Rodin’s work – TCFS Artclass tri-color repair powder!

The MICRO-FINE PEARL in the brightening powder is finer than the pores, so that the brightening powder can perfectly adhere to the skin; while OIL COMPLEX enhances the makeup’s durability, making it difficult to remove makeup, allowing you to perfectly interpret STROBE MAKE -UP.

Crowded three kinds of bare color brightening powder, containing a mixture of small powder and essential oil ingredients, make the powder more natural and good, and have excellent results.

Three different colors make it easy to create a more colorful face makeup.

A natural nude color powder similar to Asian women’s skin, showing a very natural three-dimensional outline.

It uses a fine pearl powder that is smaller than the pores, and it is tightly applied to the skin. It has a long-lasting makeup and is not easy to bleach, smooth and translucent.
Manufacture Country: Korea


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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Art Class By Rodin Enlumineur (pink)


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