Highly effective.

Premium pharmaceutical grade.

Smooth out skin at the same time.

The skin around the eyes is fragile and sensitive. If the nutritional supplement is excessive, it is easy to produce fat particles!
Japan Tsutsu Night Pack goes to eye oil particles to repair eye mask at night, natural medicinal ingredients, mild and non-irritating.
Concentrate on the skin of the fragile eye area, remove the oil particles, and remove the old dead skin cells.
It can be used before going to bed, it is simple and convenient, and it will regain its brilliance!

Contains water-soluble placenta extract and glycyrrhizic acid 2K

 – Patent hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant extracts ten kinds of cosmetic ingredients

Apricot extract, coix seed extract, artichoke extract, aloe extract, etc. )

– Concentrated infiltration to repair fragile eye skin, remove grease particles, remove old dead skin cells

– Natural medicinal ingredients, mild and non-irritating

– Effective and safe removal of eye oil, stubborn keratin particles, etc.

– Contains  10  plant extracts to help reduce inflammation while repairing

– Intensive repair in the evening, restore the bright eye.

How To Use

  • After face wash and towel dry(make sure milia part is clean and dry)
  • Take a proper amount of cream and apply (fully cover) on the milia.
  • After completely drying for about 10-20 minutes, simply gently remove/peel it off from skin.

Recommend to use the cream before sleep so you can leave it for over night for best result. 


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TSUBU Night Pack – Eye Oil Bumps Peeling Eye Mask 30g