UZU PRO Reserve Aging Care Mask (5 pcs) Made in Japan


An intensive firming, whitening and moisturizing mask that improves elasticity and firmness, light up skin tone that has begun the aging process and has lost its resilience, adenosine, a compound naturally produced by the body.

Improves wrinkles and prevents signs of aging by supplying nutrition to the skin and promoting the production of collagen while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

It is ideal for skin in need of a quick moisture boost–rich amount of serum that you can use it for you neck, SO NEVER WASTE.

It also brighten skin and keep it clear, as well as delivering deep moisture.

How to use:

Clean face, apply mask for about 15mins, then remove mask and massage the rest of the serum until absorbed.


敷片一,精華不用洗好!抵用 💢特效👉🏻保水+美白+收毛孔

  • 零添加
  • 零酒精
  • 零香料
  • 敏感、紅血絲、孕或婦做了醫美水光後可都以用


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UZU PRO Reserve Aging Care Mask (5 pcs)