YANAGIYA Medicated Hair Growth Tonic 240ML (Imported from Japan) | Hair Loss Prevention | Eliminate Dandruff | Hair Regrowth

Whats is YANAGIYA Hair Tonic?

Imported from Japan, YANAGIYA HAIR TONIC is the PERFECT SOLUTION for most hair problems!

This unique tonic contains treatment essences extracted from natural organic plants that provides important nutrients to nourish and stimulate blood circulation to the hair papilla and scalp, promoting healthier hair growth. It helps hair to retain moisture and improve its durability, preventing hair fall, hair thinning and breakages.


  • Reduces further hair loss – Natural organic plants extract and refreshing sensation work together to help you reduce hair loss.
  • Provides moisture to the scalp – You will experience an increased feel of coolness when it moisturizes your scalp and prevents itch and dandruff with a refreshing sensation.
  • Stimulates new hair growth  – An increase of blood circulation to the hair follicle is triggered resulting in the eventual hair regeneration (most people usually see an obvious effect in 1-3 months).
  • Facilitates a healthier scalp – Dandruff can be eliminated and you can say goodbye to an oily & itchy scalp.


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Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Citrus) 240ml


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