Abib Mild acidic pH Sheet Mask Honey Fit 10pcs

Provides moisture and nourishment to the deep skin, while the temple is the surface skin. With a high-density water-retaining layer, it can strongly lock the skin’s moisture, prevent any loss of water, effectively dilute precipitated pigments, enhance whitening, and improve skin quality. It also strengthens the skin’s proliferative capacity and supplements collagen, effectively activates skin cells and continuously desalination Fine lines, long-lasting display of the radiance and moisturizing effect of the honey of the child’s face, the secret of honey shine skin, starting from the deep skin~ Especially the weak acidic ingredients can neutralize the skin’s pH, reduce the risk of peeling or inflammation, and help you create perfection.

Weak face hair + mild skin, good skin-friendly effect!
Weak acid essence ingredients, PH: 5.5~6.2 Use mild acid PH which is most similar to human healthy skin for super gentle protection.

At the same time, it hydrates and enhances the moisturizing power of the skin, plus special mask paper >> ALBAM = ALbumin (albumin) + BAMboo (bamboo fiber) beak application mask In the process, the mask contains both moisturizing and nutrient essence sheep will deeply penetrate the muscles,
Manufacture Country: Korea


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Abib Mild acidic pH Sheet Mask Honey Fit 10pcs

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