HANAMISUI Inclear Feminine Wash 10pcs

● Easy care of delicate zones without getting your hands dirty
● Supports beautification of the vaginal environment with a gel containing lactic acid!
● Inclear is a uniquely developed container that can be used to inject cleaning gel directly into the vagina. A weakly acidic gel containing lactic acid spreads slowly in the vagina, reducing annoying odors and vaginal discharge with a small amount.

[How to use]
(1) Cut the jagged edges on the top of the package and take out the container.
(2) Fold the cap with your fingers and pull it out.
(3) While holding the container and relaxing the body, insert 5-8 cm from the tip of the syringe into the vagina.
(4) Push out the piston and inject the gel.
(5) Pull out the container slowly.
* Please use in a relaxed position.
* If you are concerned about the dirt on your underwear after injection, please use a napkin or liner together.


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HANAMISUI Inclear Feminine Wash 10pcs

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