YANAGIYA Hair Tonic Super Cool 240ml

The key is the philosophy according to which Yanagiya seeks to respond to special requests from adult men who love real things; this philosophy cannot be adequately described in terms of trends and fashion.

This philosophy, which has remained consistently unchanged over time, has been passed down for more than 60 years since YANAGIYA Hair Tonic was first developed, unshakable quality and a reliable, comfortable feeling in use.

Care for the scalp of adult men

Continuous scalp care is important for growing young, healthy and strong hair. Three types of medicinal and natural remedy extracts (Swertia japonica, ginseng, Sophora flavescens and Rabdosia japonica) penetrate to the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss and promote growth.

<Benefits and effects>
Hair growth, hair restoration, hair growth promotion and the prevention of dandruff, itching, thin hair and hair loss.

How to use

  • Please remove all water from your hair before you use the hair tonic
  • Rub a moderate amount of the hair tonic into the scalp two to three times a day.
  • Please massage the scalp without digging your nails into it.


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YANAGIYA Hair Tonic Super Cool 240ml


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