SHISEIDO ANESSA Whitening UV sunscreen Gel 90g SPF50 + PA ++++

SPF50 + / PA ++++

Aroma: refreshing citrus soap aroma

Country of origin: Japan

Contents: 90 g

Contains 50% skin care ingredients. Whitening active ingredient “m-tranexamic acid” * sunscreen for face and body of the combination. You can drop it with soap. A waterproof that has been confirmed to be water resistant by a water bath test. * Suppresses the formation of melanin, prevents stains and freckles, tranexamic acid

<With SPF value>

It is a value representing how long you can prevent UVB waves that cause your skin to become red and irritated.

You can prevent it from becoming sunburn (red, sunburn like inflammation) for 20 minutes with SPF1.

・ SPF value 10 → 200 minutes (3 hours 20 minutes) … within sunshine hours

・ SPF value 20 → 400 minutes (6 hours 40 minutes) … sunshine hours

・ SPF value 50 → 1,000 minutes (16 hours 40 minutes) … much more sunshine hours

<With PA value>

It is a numerical value of how to prevent UVA wave that is said to promote skin aging.

PA + → UV protection effect … · Measures for daily ultraviolet rays

PA ++ → There is a considerable UV protection effect …. When working on living UV rays and outdoors

PA ++ + → UV protection is very effective … Measures when outdoor activity is long

PA ++++ → Extremely high UV protection



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SHISEIDO ANESSA Whitening UV sunscreen Gel 90g SPF50 + PA ++++